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Can you help me get a Green Card?

If you qualify, yes of course. 

We won’t waste your time or money. We pre-screen all potential clients before any agreement is signed, making sure you are eligible according to USCIS before we take a penny from you.


What is USCIS?

The super important government agency that oversees legal immigration to the United States. 


What is biometric screening? 

It’s not as scary as it sounds. 

Someone will take your fingerprints, photo, and signature, just to check your background for serious criminal history or prior immigration violations. 


Why do you guys have a stag for your logo? 

Because the stag is the international representative of movement of communities and the collaboration of minds... 

Just kidding. We just like stags. They’re strong, yet majestic. Like us. 


Why can you never guarantee that our petition or visa gets approved? 

Because we’re actually honest. If other attorneys or firms are telling you they can, they’re lying. And being unethical. 

The decision and discretionary power is up to USCIS, that super important government agency we talked about. 

We Keep It Simple.