Our People.

Chelsea R. Francek, Esq.


I am the Managing Partner of Francek Immigration. My background is in international security, development, and foreign relations. I think I've spent more of my adulthood overseas than I have in the US. 

I'm an idealist with an analytical mind. And crazy enough to think that I can still make positive change in the world. 

Oh. I also speak a ton of languages. 

It's kind of my "thing". 

What do I do when I'm not being an awesome lawyer?

I have six dogs. And one human.

I'm obsessed with propagating plants. My house is basically an urban jungle. 

I can make kadhi pakora better than your grandma. Seriously.

I fight. Consensually, of course. Muay Thai, MMA. That good stuff. 

I'm also an executive for nonprofits. 

Because I believe more people need to actually care about other people.

Email: chelsea@franceklaw.com

Kris M. Reddy, Esq.


Kris is a Partner at Francek Immigration. Born in India, raised in the UK, with education completed here in the States as well as in Europe, Kris truly checks all the boxes.

Prior to Francek Immigration, he was a fancy day trader with a background in predictive analytics.  

Kris is fluent in Hindi, Telugu, and German. Not as many a Chelsea, obviously. But he gets a gold star for trying.

We asked Kris to say something about his personal/home life. 

"I have four kids. My life is PAW Patrol."

Well then. 


Email: kris@franceklaw.com 

Jaggy, Dog.


Because dogs make people happy. 

And we like happy people.

Jaggy is fluent in bark.